Friday, 10 January 2014


Im interrupting your scheduled programming to make a small personal announcement. As well as reading and reviewing fantasy books, I also have a foot on the other side of the divide, as a writer of epic fantasy. Ive been dabbling for a while now, but sooner or later my characters have to pick up their swords and step outside to face the real world. Are they ready for the challenge? Im hoping some of you will tell me.

Im going to release my first completed novel, The Plains of Kallanash, chapter by chapter on my writing blog. Comments on it are not just welcomed, but positively encouraged. Heres the blurb:

Two husbands, two wives, one marriage. Mia is content to be a junior wife, taking care of the day-to-day chores of ruling a Karninghold and dreaming of one day catching the eye of the lead husband. Hurst is the junior husband, a talented skirmisher frustrated by his lack of power, and dreaming that one day he and Mia will be a real part of this marriage. But when Mias co-wife mysteriously dies, her orderly life begins to unravel and she finds herself in conflict with the powerful servants of the gods, a conflict she cant possibly win. Hurst will do anything to help her, but first he must leave behind the make-believe of formal skirmishes, and become a real war-leader for the highest stakes of all.

You can read the first chapter on my writing blog. Theres also background information on the book and world elsewhere on the site.

Dont worry, I wont be cluttering up the blog with any more notices of this type. If youd like to keep reading, remember to bookmark the blog, add it to your news feed, follow me on Twitter or sign up for email notifications.

And now we return to your scheduled programming...

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  1. That's different!

    I had no idea you were interested in writing your own works. Congratulations on your publishing. Looking forward to more from you. Best of luck!